It’s Free To join Us!

Youtubersity group- Is a group of youtubers who are just starting out in the world of youtube. that’s why we veterans youtubers are here, to share our knowledge and provide ideas to each new member of the group. Often we teach them how to magnify and circumvent youtube’s prohibitions. Guides and Tutorials are free to share with everyone. I have been compiling it for over two months and in fact, we have helped many small youtubers who have now reached 1k Subscribers. we continue to raise our family to help more Filipino youtubers, who are really determined to Grow. Our only request is, Please don’t fool other youtubers, Let’s just learn to follow the instructions especially if it’s for everyone’s good. Thank you so much for continuing to believe that we can help a lot more. Admin_Hips😊🤗

Published by Hipontastic Rc

Friendly and Hard-working Woman, Monetized Youtubers too. You can message me anytime through Facebook messenger "Hipontastic Rc"

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